XJ Model Identification by VIN

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XJ Shorty VIN to Full VIN

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Note that motorcycles manufactured on or before 1981 may only have a shorty VIN.

If you would like to learn even more about your motorcycle, take the information from your VIN number and go to the XJ4Ever tech topic for model id and VINs.

To really get to know you motorcycle inside and out, in addition to some great general information, The Information Overload Hour covers just about everything you would need to know about these bikes.

For everything else XJ, visit XJBikes.com.  This is a great community of fellow XJ owners that provides great advice, technical troubleshooting, and conversations about bacon!

Make that bike safe, run well, and look spiffy with the various and sundry items available at XJ4Ever.com!  They have everything you need to get your XJ running right.